EPL South Paintball Player

EPL South Conference

A comprehensive look at the 2021 EPL South Conference. Events, dates, venues, layouts and event paint.

South Conference

EPL North Conference

Get all of the latest information about the North conference.  Find the event dates, times and pricing for the season.

North Conference

EPL Mid-Atlantic Conference

Also know as the “5Star Series”.  Take a closer look at the conference.  General information, dates, formats and discounted paint sales.

Mid-Atlantic Conference

The Eastern Paintball League

Take a deeper look into how the League is set up.

Let us explain how the EPL works.

Take a look
Professionally Certified Refs

Professionally Certified Refs

Our referees have several years of experience reffing national events and are professionally certified to the highest standard in the industry.

Over $69,025 in prizes

Over $90,000 in Prizes in 2021

We’ve put together a prize package truly for the player. In addition to trophies and medals, we’ll be giving out over $90,000 in prizes this year.

Video and Photo Incuded

Why Should You Play the EPL?

3 Conferences, One League.  We are the largest tournament series on the East Coast. Learn about more of the benefits of playing the EPL.