I’m happy to say that the 2015 SPL Jacksonville Open was a success. We had 40 teams out at Whil’s Paintball in Jacksonville, FL during the weekend. Some players even made the trip from Georgia. Saturday’s 3-Man was a bit crazy due to the storm that hit midday, but the staff and teams hunkered down and powered through it. Sunday’s 5-Man was a beautiful day with a high of about 82 degrees.

Garett from Mike’s Paintball was out in full force with his booth of awesomeness, legendary Rocky Cagnoni came out with his full Dye booth while also teching players markers and Planet Eclipse had a tech on site as well. Leif at KM Straps supplied us with our unique, awesome Jax Open Champion mask straps and Air Ups supplied us with our amazing Social A bunker!

Without you all, the players, we are not a league. Thank you for being a part of the SPL. As always we’d like to thank every player, every team, every family, every referee, every staff member, every media member, everyone from the field, and every sponsor for showing support. Everyone at the SPL is grateful for all of the support we’ve been receiving! This league does not exist without any of you!

I want to thank the SPL referee staff and Whil & Pam for being amazing field hosts!

Without further ado, here is the 2015 SPL Jacksonville Open Champions’ Club!

Division 4 RaceTo-2

  1. DS Legendz
  2. N.S.B. Sharks
  3. Jacksonville Fire




Division 5 RaceTo-2

  1. Whil’s Pb Kidz
  2. Serious Business
  3. Whil’s Militia




Division 4/5 RaceTo-2

  1. Jacksonville Karnage
  2. FT Assassins Black
  3. Whil’s Pb Plus




Division 6 RaceTo-2

  1. Team Speed 3
  2. Whil’s Pb Syndicate
  3. Mike’s Paintball