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The official 2015 SPL Social Cup schedule is live! Please visit the link to the APPA site or download a printable PDF below. See you all on Saturday and Sunday! Don’t forget to arrive 1 to 2 hours before your scheduled time to give yourself time to set up and go through the registration process (ideally give yourself 2 hours to avoid rushing).

Saturday, 3-Man:

Download Printable 3-Man Saturday Schedule (PDF)


View 3-Man Saturday Schedule on APPA

**Attention Sunday D4 Teams** Due to the schedule that was generated by the APPA system, we have elected to switch the order in which some of the games are being played. You will still play the same opponents, just in a different order than shown on the APPA site. A printed schedule will be given to all team captains at the captains meeting on Sunday morning. Players may also pick one up at the registration area.

Sunday, D4 5-Man Empire Field:

Download Printable Sunday, D4 5-Man Empire Field Schedule (PDF)

Sunday, D5 5-Man DYE Field:

Download Printable Sunday, D5 5-Man DYE Field Schedule (PDF)


View Sunday, D5 5-Man DYE Field Schedule on APPA