Here is a detailed clarification of the new ROF we will be using in 2016. We will be using the same mode that is used at the NXL/Millenniums 10.5.

The first 3 shots must be semi-auto mode only. Markers will be limited to a ROF of 10 balls per second, defined as no two consecutive shots may be timed shorter than 95ms apart (reading on ROF meter of 10.5 bps or less is legal; reading on ROF meter of 10.6 bps or higher is illegal). 5 bps for start/sustain ramping does not need to be hit physically; it refers to the time delay between trigger activations, which must be at least the equivalent to 5 bps. So a marker may start to ramp up to 10 bps, if (after the first three shots being in semi-auto only) the time delay between 3rd and 4th trigger activation is less than 200ms.