Photos from the 2016 SPL Tampa Bay Open 5-Man Sunday by Rick Applegarth of nVoke Media and Social Paintball. Feel free to share the photos, but make sure to tag nVoke Media and Social Paintball League on your social networks by giving proper credit. If you don’t find yourself in the gallery, please let us know at the next event and we’ll make sure to get some of you! We try hard to make sure we get everyone but unfortunately we can’t promise every photo will make the cut.

nVoke Media has the full gallery live on their site:

2016 logo SPL TampaBayOpen

SPL2016-Tampa-Bay-Open-522 copy

SPL2016-Tampa-Bay-Open-26 copy

SPL2016-Tampa-Bay-Open-50 copy

SPL2016-Tampa-Bay-Open-94 copy

SPL2016-Tampa-Bay-Open-142 copy

SPL2016-Tampa-Bay-Open-150 copy

SPL2016-Tampa-Bay-Open-198 copy

SPL2016-Tampa-Bay-Open-283 copy

SPL2016-Tampa-Bay-Open-366 copy

SPL2016-Tampa-Bay-Open-377 copy