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     It is important for all teams and it's members to be informed on costs and procedures in order to participate in the EPL series.  However, there are those times when a question might go unanswered based on the information that has been provided here on our site.   We have added several questions/answers for the very reason of helping to educate our customers on the policies and procedures that the EPL has to offer.  

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What seperates the EPL from any other league in my area?

  • First Regional League to Run the RaceTo-2 Format in the northeast

    • While other leagues were still running round robin formats, the EPL followed with the industry change of the RaceTo-2.  
    • Anyone can get lucky in one match, but a truly better team could overcome and win a match of the best 2 of 3 games.  
    • Competitiveness breads champions, which was an end result with several teams from the EPL having podium finishes at the PSP World Cup in Florida back through 2009-2014.


  • Certified Ref Staff
    • Same ref staff is used at all events
    • The EPL broke the mold, set by other leagues, by bringing in paid referees and insuring the same referees at each event.  
    • No more worrying about who the local ref staff is and who they want to win. 
    • Unbiased and professional reffing is what you can expect from the EPL in 2015.


  • Mirrored Field Layouts
    • Each field is laid and marked to the inch when it comes to bunker placement.  
    • Each field is exactly the same on each side, so no matter what end you start from, you can expect the same on the other end.


  • APPA endorsed series
    • ID cards appear useless but are a necessary evil that keeps all the sandbaggers away.  
    • If you want to play in a league that follows a national ranked system and not one that just puts your picture on a card, you are going to want to play the EPL.  
    • We track players from all the nationally and regionally ranked events to insure that players are in divisions they are meant to be in.


  • All 2015 EPL South events are on artificial turf playing fields
    • Once again, the EPL raises the bar and offers turf playing surfaces for all of its EPL South events.


  • Field layouts are presented online in a 3-D format
    • Advance layouts of a field design are very important to some players.  
    • Being able to practice on the same field layout prior to competition is sometimes the extra edge a team might need.  


  • Media Coverage at all events
    • Sometimes seeing your face in the magazine makes it all worth while.  But does your current tournament series allow to see your face on video
    • For 2015, the EPL has teamed with Social Paintball to offer you the best paintball video coverage available.
    • The EPL receives noticeable media coverage from all the major magazines, as well as it’s own thread on PB Nation.


  • We offer Cheaper alternative to National events.
    • Playing in the big show is fun, but as most of you know, it’s also expensive.  The EPL follows all guidelines of the PSP and the Race to 2 format.  Several EPL teams had podium finishes at the PSP World Cup which were prime examples of the type of competition the EPL has to offer.


  • The East Coast Cup
    • The EPL is so large and spans so many states that it has been broken down into 3 conferences.
    • At the end of the year, all 3 conferences come together to crown a champion. 
    • The East Coast Cup is a true measuring stick as to whom is the best of the best in the East.


How many Division 4 players can I have on my Division 5 roster?

  • one Division 4 player per Division 5 roster.


How many Division 3 players can I have on my Division 4 roster?


  • one Division 3 player per Division 4 roster.


Do you allow sideline coaching and sideline participation?


  • We have eliminated the designated coaches area on the snake side of the field for the 2015 EPL Series.  No players, coaches, staff or fans will be allowed within 20' of the safety netting.   Sideline interaction will not be allowed during a RaceTo-2 match from the snake side of the field.  No players, coaches, staff or fans will be allowed to communicate on the opposite side of the field or on the two back lines of the tournament field.


What day do I actually play and what is the start time?


  • All 3-Man teams will always play on Saturday during the 2015 series.  The RaceTo-2 matches will begin at between 8am-10am depending on the participation rate.
  • All 5-Man teams will always play on Sundays during the 2014 series.  The RaceTo-2 matches will begin at 8:00am


When should my team arrive?


  • If you do not currently hold a 2015 EPL ID card, you should arrive at the field on the Saturday preceding the event. This will allow you time to pick up your ID card without having to wait in a long line on the day of the tournament (Sundays).
  • If you currently hold a 2014 EPL ID card, you can arrive anytime before 7:00 am on the day of the event.  It is highly recommended that you arrive early enough to get your entire team checked in at the registration area. 



When can my team check in at the registration area?


  • Your team can check in at EPL registration on the Saturday preceding the event from 4:00pm-6:00pm or before 7:45am on the day of the event.



Can I register at the event?

  • No. Teams must register and make payment through the APPA three days prior to the event. 


Do I need an EPL ID?

  • Yes, ID’s are issued through the APPA.  
  • Players must sign up for an APPA Player ID number.
  •  Players must provide their name, age, address, and playing experience.  
  • Players should upload a photo for their ID card.
  • Visit our 2015 EPL ID Card page for more information


Can we take pictures or use a movie camera on the field at the event?

  • Spectators and players can take pictures and film at the events in the “goggles off” area.  
  • The “goggles on” or Playing field is reserved for our media partners.  
  • Media personal must have a “media partner” ID in order to take pictures and film on the field of play.


What times are the fields at the EPL event available to walk?

  • 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. - On the day preceding the event.

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