"I would like to take an opportunity to re-introduce myself to the players and the league. My name isbige1 Eric Holland, however to those who know me best, it's simply Big E. I was initially hired to the EPL to assist with Head Judge duties for the EPL North Series several years ago. My relationship with Chad and the EPL quickly grew to co-Ultimate, and then Ultimate Referee position for the EPL series. This season I am taking on additional duties as the EPL Refereree Coordinator as well as running of the SMP (Southern Maryland Paintball) 3-Man EPL Feeder Series. I will also be taking on some additional administrative roles with the Tournament Administration as well as part of the Rules Committee. 

I have been with the EPL for several years - however my experience with tournament refereeing had started as far back as the early 1990's including other local leagues, The International/Zap Amateur Open, Bob McGuire's American Paintball League, World Paintball Federation, Ultimate Madness, NPPL, and PSP,I have refereed on every level from beginner to professional levels.

I have greatly enjoyed being a part of this league and watching it grow and develop each year. The teams, players and fans have made this one of the most rewarding referee experiences. I embrace this continued opportunity to help guide and shape the league, and to see it grow. I appreciate the continued opportunity to assist at each of the three major legs of the EPL and the feeder series. I look forward to the start of this league here this coming month, and greeting great friends, both old and new. "

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