Contract Killer Sponsor

We’re proud to announce the Contract Killer Clothing will be sponsoring the league! CK will be giving away custom laser engraving to the winners in the 5-man D4 and the D5 divisions. In addition to that they will giving discounts on all of their apparel for anyone that competes in the SPL and has a valid SPL player ID.

“The embodiment of perseverance, a fight to the finish, a declaration of dominance.” This is the mantra that CK Fight Life company angles itself in a world bent on being refined and watered down. Finding its edge between purpose and style, CK Fight Life has evolved throughout its tough rich history.

Since its inception, Contract Killer Clothing has displayed its dominance in design, manufacturing and quality gear within the industry for over 10 years from Pro Paintball, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and other extreme sports.

CK Fight Life is inspired by the fight lifestyle. Whether on the mat, field or water, CK Fight Life is comfortable, stylish and designed oriented to compliment the best fighting moments of our lives.

We offer a performance line of Jiu Jitsu gear, lifestyle goods, performance paintball gear and custom gun creations.

With unmatched style, fit and quality, we are becoming the choice of the everyday BJJ practitioner, fitness trainer, board rider and paintball player all over the world young and old.

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