NEW FOR 2018

For the past several years, our Masters Division has been a 3 man format and only held during our Southern Conference events. Many of the masters participants have urged us to offer a 5 man division but the number of players that were 40+ years old and played together just didn’t exist.
After much consideration and speaking to many players in favor of this 5 man Masters idea, we have decided to go forward with adding the 5 man Masters division but with a twist…..


  • Masters 5 man Division will be played on Saturday in conjunction with the 3 man tournament
  • Minimum of 5, maximum of 8 players per roster, of which, 2 can be under the age of 40 but over the age of 30. Team average age must be over 40.001
  • Entry fee for Masters division is 1/2 price ($125) of normal 5 man entry and is FREE to any participants that are playing Sunday on a d5 or d4 roster. Please send email or FB message with questions on how to register if you are playing both days.
  • Prizes are medals for 1st – 3rd and one Masters Cup for 1st place.


Keeping players engaged and participating is always one of our goals as we strive to provide the best tournament experience each and every time for our guests. With the addition of the 5 man Masters division, we feel that we are providing a new playground for our more senior players and a bragging right for players who’s only prerequisite to participate is how OLD they are.‚Äč Without a doubt, this will be our most entertaining class to watch and for those of you that are eligible to participate, the most competitive division in which you will probably ever participate.