The EPL registration process is simple and easy if you take the time to complete this task early.

There are several procedures you will need to complete to be on your way to competing in the EPL Tournament Series.

  • Acquire an APPA account/ID for each player.
  • Register and Pay for a yearly EPL ID for each player.
  • Register your team with the APPA.
  • Register and pay entry fee for your team with the EPL through the APPA website.
  • Complete your teams roster for your scheduled event.

If this is your first time, do not get frustrated, we are here to help you. Simply follow the simple steps, on how to obtain a EPL Player ID and how to register your team. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us at anytime,


Click Here to Register for the EPL



How Do I Register for EPL Events?

  • Each player signs up for their own player ID number.
  • If you want, you can collect the required information from players on your team and sign all of your team’s players up using your email account, although it’s better if each player does it themselves.
  • Have players submit ID numbers to team captain before beginning the Team Registration Process.
  • Once you have at least your player ID number, you can sign your team up for the event.
  • Try to have one person be in charge of registering your team, forward them your Player ID number for registration.
  • Anytime before the event registration deadline, you can go back to the team list and pay your entry fee, or click on your roster to add or remove players.
  • Go to the team list for your event, scroll down to your team name, and click the payment button. Once your payment is accepted, “Payment Accepted” will be displayed.
  • Be aware that you don’t have a spot in the tournament until your entry fee is paid, so don’t wait too long or the event might sell out!
  • Log In to your player profile, upload a photo, and pay for your player registration fee so that your ID card will be ready for you at the next event.
  • Doing this online saves you time and money, but make sure you do it before the registration deadline!
Also note that you can pay player registration fees for anyone on your team from your team roster.


Signing Up Same Team for another Event:

The person who will be in charge of the team should use their ID number to register the team. If your team has already played an EPL event, it is important that you use the same Team ID Number you used the last time you played (enter the Team ID Number and Password in the appropriate boxes). If you re-register your team for a NEW ID number instead of using your existing one, you will lose any ranking and seed points from your old team. If you have not played an event before, click on the link to register a new team.


Be Sure to Complete your Team Roster:

  • Go to the team list for your event, and click on “Roster” next to your team name.
  • Use your players’ ID numbers to add them to your roster.
  • You can change your roster anytime up to the online registration deadline.
  • Even if you’re not sure about your roster, make sure you PAY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to get your spot and update your roster later.
  • If your roster is not complete 3 days prior to the start of the event, you will be assessed a fee of $10 per person to add someone to your roster after the deadline has passed.
  • Completing your roster on-time makes check-in easier for everyone, so make sure you do so!