spl shield logoAs many of you know, the official NXL season has come to a close. In regards to player rankings, the APPA recognizes the month of October as the end of the season for most of the United States. However, the season for the SPL does not end until November 7th-8th at the Social Cup.

The APPA system might be ranking up players to the next division prior to our final event. The SPL is aware of the situation. As always, we have the players in mind.

We intend to re-rank any player who is affected by the APPA ranking system. With that said, there are some things to keep in mind.

Any player who started in a particular division will be allowed to compete in that division as long as:
1. They did not play in a higher division at more than 1 regional tournament in 2015.
2. They did not exceed the APPA mid-season point threshold during the 2015 season.
3. They did not play in a higher division at any national level tournament in 2015.

APPA Mid-Season Point Threshold:
Division 3 – 600 points
Division 4 – 300 points
Division 5 – 75 points