2016 SPL ROF 10.5 NXL/Millennium mode

Here is a detailed clarification of the new ROF we will be using in 2016. We will be using the same mode that is used at the NXL/Millenniums 10.5. The first 3 shots must be semi-auto mode only. Markers will be limited to a ROF of 10 balls per second, defined as no two...

2016 ROF and Coaching Rules Changes

As promised, the SPL sent out a player poll after the 2015 season that asked players, among other questions, what ROF and coaching rules they would like implemented for the 2016 season. The results are in and the players have spoken. For the 2016 season there will be...
2015 Official SPL Rulebook Released

2015 Official SPL Rulebook Released

The 2015 SPL Rulebook can be downloaded here: SPL rulebook 2015. Please keep in mind that the SPL will be keeping 12.5 BPS, coaching, and spectator participation for all 2015 events.