Why Play in the EPL?

Why Should a team choose the Eastern Paintball League?

We bring out your best so that you are ready to compete at the national level.  We are the largest regional paintball league in the nation.  The EPL is the most consistent paintball league on the east coast of the United States.  After 14 successful years, we are still committed to our ,long term, vision of offering the national level experience to the regional level player.

We offer a cheaper alternative to National events.

· Playing in the big show is fun, but as most of you know, it’s also expensive. The EPL follows all guidelines of the NXL and the Raceto format. Several EPL teams had podium finishes at the World Cup which are prime examples of the type of competition the EPL consists of.

• 5-MAN RaceTo-2 entry fees will be $250.00 per event.
• Paint as low as 49.00 per case.

The League is divided into 3 conferences. The EPL North, EPL South and EPL Mid-Atlantic (AKA The 5Star Series).

All three conferences play each other at the end of the year at the East Coast Cup
It’s hard to know just how good you are when playing the same teams all year. By combining the three conferences we are providing a measuring stick for you to gauge just how good you really are.

Teams that pay 13 days prior to the registration deadline can participate in any conference event, at our lowest registration fee. Late registration is an additional 50.00 and must be completed 6 calendar days prior to the event. All EPL conference events at event paint only.

We were First Regional League to Run the RaceTo Format in the northeast and Virginia

· While other leagues were still running round robin formats, the EPL followed with the industry change of the RaceTo formate. Thus showing that anyone can get lucky in one match, but a truly better team could overcome and win a match. Competitiveness breads champions, which was an end result with several teams from the EPL having podium finishes at the World Cup in Florida back through 2009-2019.

Certified Ref Staff – Same ref staff is used at all events

· Not only did the EPL break the mold, set by other leagues, by bringing in paid referees, they also insured that the same referees were at each event. By insuring the players of what to expect from the referee staff, players are now able to concentrate on playing their game. No more worrying about who the local ref staff is and who they want to win. Nothing but unbiased and professional reffing is what you can expect from the EPL in 2021.

The APPA system is used for ranking players

· ID cards appear useless but are a necessary evil that keeps all the sandbaggers away. If you want to play in a league that follows a national ranked system and not one that just puts your picture on a card, you are going to want to play the EPL. We track players from all the nationally and regionally ranked events to insure that players are in divisions they are meant to be in.

Events are held at different locations

· We bring the tournament to you.  We understand that players to not want to drive or fly to a paintball tournament.  Therefore, we have broken the league into conferences so that your team can play close to your home field.

Playing at the same location can get boring.  So we have chosen 3 paintball fields to host all of your tournaments during the series. Sometimes a new venue is what it takes to bring out the best in a player.

Media Coverage at all events

·Sometimes seeing your face in the media makes it all worth while. The EPL receives noticeable media coverage from all the major paintball media outlets, it’s own thread on PB Nation as well as it’s own facebook page that is updated with photos all season long.



All information is based on publicly available information from each league website and social media accounts.